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Smugglers Adventure Machine Locations > England

St. Clements Caves, Cobourg Pl, Hastings, Sussex
EAST SUSSEX - Hastings, England, TN34 3HY


Smugglers Adventure is located in the narrow streets up from the sea front in Hastings. But it is a hard uphill walk from the Aquarium (nearest penny machine) So park on Priory Rd near to the Cliff railway cafe and walk across the grass towards the white wooden tower. the entrance is there.

Machine 2 has 4 designs. It is in the gift shop.
1) h. Smugglers Adventure in Text in dotted border and a Pirate ship...
2) h. Smugglers Adventure in Text in dotted border and a skull and crossed swords image...
3) v. Dotted border, Smugglers text..Seaman carrying a barrel of Rum...
4) My Lucky Penny

Retired 1 had one design which was the Smugglers Adventure logo.

6/2017 - machine 1 has gone.

UPDATE - June 16, 2018 - Machine repaired and working well.

Machine 2

Retired 1