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Blue Reef Aquarium (Was "Underwater World") Machine Locations > England

Rock-A-Nore Road, Hastings, Sussex TN34 3DW
EAST SUSSEX - Hastings, England, TN34 3DW


Over 40 naturally themed habitats transport you on a fantastic journey from the shoreline of Hastings to the tropical waters of the deep ocean. Along the way come face-to-face with fascinating Seahorses, pulsating Jellyfish, amazing Pufferfish and graceful Rays.
At the Aquarium’s heart is the giant ocean exhibit where an underwater tunnel offers incredible views of Reef Sharks, Stingrays and shoals of colourful reef fish.
Our Remarkable Reptiles area also offer visitors the chance to get up close to and interact with some of our friendly reptile residents providing a great opportunity to overcome any fears!

Designs are:
1) v. I Love You
2) v. My Lucky Penny
3) h. Fish head image BLUE REEF text. Hastings in a dotted border..
4) h. Blue Reef Aquarium Hastings in a dotted border. Shark image...

2/16: The machine is no longer accepting 50p per coin now £1.01.

UPDATE: Machine working perfectly on February 11, 2018

Machine 4

Retired 1, 2 & 3