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The Scottish Deer Centre Machine Locations > Scotland

KY15 4NQ
Cupar, Fife, Scotland, KY15 4NQ

Phone: 44 (0)1337 810 391


There is now a 4 die PennyPressProfits machine at this location, it replaces the single die Eurolink machine that was removed in 2009. The new machine requires £1 per design

Machine 2 designs: Each have a text message and a solid ring border
1) (h) I Saw the Birds of Prey at The Scottish Deer Centre, img of Falcon...
2) (h) I Saw the Wolves at The Scottish Deer Centre, img of Wolf...
3) (h) I Saw the Otters at The Scottish Deer Centre, img of Otter...
4) (v) I Saw the Deer at The Scottish Deer Centre, img of Deer...

There has been a 4 die machine in place over the festive period, this had festive designs. No details are known, but hopefully it will return each year.

Retired machine

A single die Eurolink machine was removed in 2009.
The design was a leaping Stag, The Scottish Deer Centre, Cupar, Fife in text and a dotted border.

Machine 2

Retired 1