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Oxford Castle Machine Locations > England

Castle Street
OXFORDSHIRE - Oxford, England, OX1 1 AY

Phone: 01865 201657


Located in the 'Unlocked - Oxford Castle' Gift shop. It is a 4 die Penny Press machine.

Machine 2 is located on the right as you enter the gift shop. Designs are:
1) V. My Lucky 'Oxford Castle and Prison' Penny (Horseshoe)
2) H. Castle 1729 (Oxford Castle & Prison)
3) H. Oxford Castle & Prison (plain dotted border)
4) H. The Crypt (bridge) (Oxford Castle & Prison)

Retired Machine 1: Pennies have a dotted border with OXFORD CASTLE in text, including the MLP. 1) v. My Lucky Penny. 2) h. The Crypt (text). 3) h. Castle image 1729 date. 4) h. Oxford Castle 'Unlocked' text

Machine details updated by David Miller,

Gift Shop

Retired 1