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RAF Museum Machine Locations > England

Grahame Park Way
LONDON - Hendon, England, NW9 5LL

Phone: NW9 5LL


The RAF museum at Hendon have had two new machines placed by Pennymangle, one machine has new designs, this is in the shop. The first is in the cafe area.
There is no charge for the entrance to the museum, though a suggested donation of £3 is asked for.

22/03/2017 Both machines are still in same locations and working well. WK The machines have been provided by Pennymangle, the designs have a dotted border, with Royal Airforce Museum in Text. Each costs £1 plus the penny.

Machine 1 - Situated in the small cafe area
1) ... Supermarine Spitfire and text
2) ... Gloster Meteor and text
3) ... Sopwith Camel (Biplane)
4) ... Euro Fighter Typhoon and text

Machine 2 - Situated in the shop
1) ... Royal Aircraft Factory (biplane)
2) ... Vickers Gunbus (Biplane)
3) ... Avro Vulcan and text
4) ... Avro Lancaster (Lancaster Img)

With all Pennymangle machines you should try place the pennies in the coin slot with the head to the left.

Machine details uploaded by David Miller, and I. T. Hope

Machine 1 - Cafe Area

Machine 2 - Gift Shop