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Manchester United Museum Machine Locations > England

Old Trafford, Sir Matt Busby Wy
LANCASHIRE - Manchester, England, M16 0RA

Phone: 01618688000


Glory Glory Man United... as the football chant goes. There are two Pennymangle machines in the Man United Museum, and another Penny Press Factory machine in the Red Cafe (next door) which is located in the Sir Alex Ferguson stand of this famous football ground in Manchester.

Machine 1: Museum Lower Level. The designs are:
1) The Manchester United Crest
2) A view of Old Trafford
3) A cartoon Fred the Red (mascot)
4) A quote by Sir Matt Busby

Machine 2: is just before the museum entrance and can be accessed for free. The designs are:
1) Sir Alex Ferguson
2) Ryan Giggs
3) Statue of Best, Law and Charlton
4) The treble trophies

Machine 5: (2018)

National Heritage Tokens - All tokens have Manchester United Badge on Reverse

Token Machine 1
1) Treble Trophies
2) Old Trafford

Token Machine 2
1) Sir Alex Ferguson
2) The Trinity

Token Machine 3
1) Fred The Red
2) Old Trafford

Retired 3: The designs were: 1) 20 Times Champions of England 2013, 2) Old Trafford - Theatre of Dreams, 3) Sir Alex Ferguson, 4) Fred the Red and Sir Alex Ferguson
Retired 4: 1) Stadium Frontage (Theatre of Dreams), 2) Manchester United Logo, 3) Statue of Best, Law and Charlton, The Trinity Statue

[Collector's Tip] Put your coins in so the Queen's head is to the left, a trace of the penny design could show on the image afterwards otherwise.

Details David Miller

Machine 1 - Museum - Lower Level

Machine 2 - Museum - Entrance

Machine 5 - Man U Red Cafe

Token Machine 1

Token Machine 2

Token Machine 3

Retired 4