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Stockwood Discovery Centre Machine Locations > England

London Road
BEDFORDSHIRE - Luton, England, LU1 4LX

Phone: 01582 548600


Stockwood Discovery Centre tells the stories of real people behind the collections, exploring the history of the region from prehistoric times to the evolution of Stockwood House and the Farley estate.
A paradise for garden enthusiasts, Stockwood Discovery Centre is one of the few places in the country where the work of acclaimed artist Ian Hamilton Finlay can be seen on permanent display. His Improvement Garden is a classical garden in which the sculptures are an integral part of the landscape. Once part of the original Stockwood House walled areas, the Period Gardens reflect the changing styles of gardening in this country. New areas include a contemplative Sensory Garden, a colourful World Garden and a Medicinal Garden highlighting the usefulness of plants - designed with environmentally green and sustainable principles in mind.

Open 7 Days a week.
Summer Hour: 13 Feb – 31 Oct, 10am – 5pm
Winter Hours: 1 Nov – 13 Feb, 10am – 4pm

Visit to the museum is free, Although we would gratefully receive a donation to help us with the upkeep of the museum.

The machine is a single die Eurolink machine is located in the Mossman Museum. 50p plus penny each. A fascinating Museum of Transport.
The design says Stockwood Discovery Centre with a Squirrel on.

11/01/17: ????

Machine 1