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National Waterways Museum - Stoke Breune Machine Locations > England

Stoke Breune
NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - Towcester, England, NN12 7SE

Phone: 01604 8622


A 4 die Pennymangle machine was located in the shop of the Waterways Museum.

Machine details: All pennies have National Waterways Museum, Stoke Breune within the dotted border.
1) h. Emblem of Grand Union Canal...2) h. Canal Barge...3) h. Canal barge entering a tunnel...4) v. Shire horse head...

All designs are one pound plus the penny.

Collector's Tip
With all Pennymangle machines it is better for the Queen's head to be in conatct with the die - the portcullis could leave a slight witness on the image on new coins.
NEW INFO- was due to visit , but received e mail by a member of staff today to say that this machine had gone. They have 25 sets available but will only sell them as one for £110!
Updated: JP

Machine 1