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Salvador Dali Exhibition, County Hall. Machine Locations > England

Dalí Universe, County Hall Gallery.Riverside Building, County Hall.
LONDON - Westminster , England, SE1 7PB

Phone: 0870 744 7485


NEW INFO: The Dali Exhibition has closed on the Embankment and is moving to a new London venue. David Miller - thebigchip

The machine was from France (there is a similar machine in the Dali exhibition in Paris). See
The machine accepts 50 pence pieces ($1 approx) and a penny. English pennies pre 1992 are copper and generally roll longer in British machines because the new pennies are made from steel and most machines are pressure set for these coins. However, both types roll the same on this one.

The designs are: (v) Big Ben London [some design missing] then three depicting examples of Dali's work. Space Elephant, Alice in Wonderland and Profile of Time.

The exhibition was on the embankment within County Hall. Also home of the London Aquarium (4-4 die machine). London Eye (3-4 die)

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