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York Dungeon Machine Locations > England

12 Clifford Street
NORTH YORKSHIRE - York, England, YO1 9RD

Phone: 01904 632599


Machine 2 Designs: Each penny has The York Dungeon on the back. 3 Pennies:
A) Rat
B) Skull
C) Winged Devil
D) Text-The York Dungeon

Token machine: (2017) London Dungeon Logo on reverse. 2 designs are:
1) A castle,
2) 4 coats of arms.

Retired 1 Designs: A) 'The Dungeon, York' (skull), B) 'I Love You to Death at York Dungeon' (Skull & Crossbones Over Heart instead of the word 'Love'), C) 'I lost my head at York Dungeon' (headless body), D) 'My Lucky Penny' (horseshoe and clover).

Updated: UK Pennies

May 2016 - York Dungeon has re-opened after a refit due to flood damage. Machine is back!!!

March 2017 - new token machine installed in gift shop near pressed penny machine. Two designs, a castle and 4 coats of arms, London Dungeon Logo on reverse. WK

Machine 2

Token Machine

Retired 1