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Warwick Castle Machine Locations > England

WARWICKSHIRE - Warwick, England, CV34 4QU

Phone: +44 870 442 2000


Warwick Castle is a medieval castle developed from an original built by William the Conqueror in 1068. The original wooden motte-and-bailey castle was rebuilt in stone in the 12th century. During the Hundred Years War, the facade opposite the town was refortified, resulting in one of the most recognizable examples of 14th century military architecture.

Machine 1 is located in a corridor outside the Kingmakers Shop. You can also reach this machine by walking along the corridor from the Undercroft Restaurant.
Designs are: 1) Knights fighting, 2) Eagle head, 3) Knight on horse, 4) Knight on horse Jousting.

Machine 2 is located in "The Stables Courtyard exit". You need to head towards the shop and it is just after the turnstiles.
Designs are: 1) 'Warwick Castle', 2) Knight with long bow, 3) Bear climbing tree, 4) Knight on horse with shield Jousting.

Machine 3 is "The Castle Dungeons" machine is now located just outside the Courtyard shop. It is inside a wooden case. Very easy to get to.
Designs are: 1) Man in Costume, 2) Rat, 3) Skull, 4) 'The Castle Dungeon.

8/26/18 - All machines remain in the same locations, very easily accessible. The bear design in Machine 2 is not retired however, as I purchased one today!

Kingsmaker Corridor

Courtyard Shop