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Adventure Island Machine Locations > England

Sunken Gardens, Western Esplanade
ESSEX - Southend on Sea, England, SS1 1EE

Phone: 01702 443400


UK'S No.1 FREE ADMISSION Fun Park In Southend, Adventure Island!
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Machine 2 is located under the railway bridge in the park. Designs are:
1) Adventure Island text...
2) Captain Rageman image...
3) Flying Parrot...
4) Pirate holding Daggers (I think)

Retired 1 Single design was: "Adventure Island Southend-On-Sea" Pirate Adventure logo.

Don't forget there is also a Penny Press machine in the Sea Life Aquarium 300 meters from the park.

5/15: The single design machine 1 has been replaced by a 4 die hand-cranked.

UPDATE 23/10/18 Machine still in place however Flying Turtle design isn't rolling well.

Machine 2

Retired 1