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Wookey Hole Caves Machine Locations > England

Wookey Hole
SOMERSET - Wells , England, BA5 1BB

Phone: 01749 672243


Deep in the heart of the Mendip Hills you will find Wookey Hole, the UK’s largest cave system. For centuries people have been marvelling at these astounding caves and their natural beauty.
NEW for 2018 is Chamber 20 – recently blasted tunnels now give us access to this amazing chamber, which opens up previously unseen caverns and formations.

The entrance fee is £15 for an adult. .

Machine 3 design is:
1) 'Wookey Hole Papermill' 1610.

Machine 4 (2016) design is:
1) 'Wookey bear at Wookey Hole', Bear sitting

Machine 5 (2016) designs are:
1) 'Wookey Hole' Logo,
2) 'Wookey Hole', Witch flying a broom,
3) 'Valley of the Dinosaur at Wookey Hole', Dinosaur skeleton,
4) 'Wookey Hole Juggling Clowns', Juggling Clown

Retired machine 1 design was: A Witch on a broom.
Retired machine 2 designs were: (2010) 1) A bear with Wookey Hole Bear at Wookey Hole: 2) A clown with Wookey Hole Juggling Clowns; 3) A Witch with Wookey Hole (nearly identical to the single die machine): 4) Outline of a dinosaur with Valley of the Dinosaur at Wookey Hole (the same as previous design??)

The old machine: The design is a dinosaur outline with the words " Valley of the Dinosaurs".

3/19/18: Both are working well at the moment. they take 50p's plus the 1p.

Machine 4 - 2016

Machine 5 - 2016

Machine 3

Retired 2