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Mary Rose Museum Machine Locations > England

College Road - HM Naval Base
HAMPSHIRE - Portsmouth, England, PO1 3LX

Phone: 023 9281 2931


The Mary Rose Museum is an historical museum located at Historical Dockyards in Portsmouth in the United Kingdom run by the Mary Rose Trust. The museum is dedicated to the 16th century Tudor navy warship Mary Rose as well as the historical context in which she was active. The museum opened in 1984 and displays artefacts from the ship as well as the ship itself in a dedicated ship hall, while it has been undergoing conservation. In September 2009 the ship hall was closed to allow the start of construction of a new museum that was opened at the end of May 2013. The complete conservation of the Mary Rose will be finished in 2016, when she will be fully integrated with the new museum environment.

The four die Pre-Loaded machine 2 is located in the gift shop, the designs are:
1) Mary Rose Logo
2) The Three Ships
3) Tudor Longbowman
4) The Mary Rose Ship

UPDATE: March 17, 2018 - Machine rolling well. Please note that this machine supplies the penny - you can't put your own penny into roll.

Machine 2 Gift Shop

Retired 1