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Great North Museum: Hancock Machine Locations > England

Barras Bridge
TYNE & WEAR - Newcastle, England, NE99 1NP

Phone: 0191 222 7418


The Great North Museum: Hancock, a museum of natural history and ancient civilizations, was established in 1884 and was formerly known as the Hancock Museum. In 2006 it merged with Newcastle University's Hatton Gallery to form the Great North Museum. The museum reopened as the Great North Museum: Hancock in May 2009 following a major extension and refurbishment of the original Victorian building. The museum and most of its collections are owned by the Natural History Society of Northumbria, and it is managed by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums on behalf of Newcastle University.

TW Museums had a radical makeover during the summer of 2010 and introduced 5 new PennyPressProfits machines to their museums in the North East. Unfortunately, they haven't been very reliable, but the staff at customer services go out of their way to supply pennies to machines that have broken down.

Machine 2 - Gift Shop. All say 'Great North Museum'. Designs are:
1) 'Great North Museum: Hancock', Skeleton of T-Rex head,
2) 'Great North Museum, Love My Mummy', Mummy standing,
3) 'Great North Museum, Out of This World!', Saturn,
4) 'Great North Museum, Jaw Dropping!', Shark facing forward

Machine 3 - Ground Floor. Designs are:
1) 'Walk the Wall Bowness-Wallsend', Legs,
2) 'Live or Die, Segedunum-Arbeia', Hand with thumb down,
3) 'Julius Geordius,Julius Geordius', Man in middle,
4) 'There's No Place Like Rome', Caesar's head.

Retired 1: Design:
1)Walking Egyptian mummy. Text: 'I Love my Mummy, Hancock Museum'.

Feb 2018 - Both machines working. Gift Shop machine still suffering from short rolls. I.T. Hope.

Ground Floor

Gift Shop

Retired 1