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Discovery Museum Machine Locations > England

Blandford Square
TYNE & WEAR - Newcastle, England, NE1 4JA

Phone: (0191) 232 6789


Discovery Museum is a science and local history museum situated in Blandford Square in Newcastle upon Tyne. It displays many exhibits of local history, including Turbinia, the 34 metre long ship built by Charles Algernon Parsons to test the advantages of using the steam turbine to power ships. It also features examples of Joseph Swan's early lightbulbs which were invented on Tyneside
It houses the regimental museum for the 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars and the Northumberland Hussars, exploring the human side of 200 years of life in the army. It is a "hands-on" museum designed to interest both children and adults.

TW Museums had a radical makeover during the summer of 2010 and introduced 5 new PennyPressFactory machines to their museums in the North East. If you have any problems the staff at customer services go out of their way to supply pennies to machines that have broken down.

There is a 4 die PennyPressFactory machine at the top of the ramp (base of the lift). Each penny costs £1 to roll.

Second Floor Machine Designs:
1) ... Ship image. Turbina.
2) ... Howay The Lads, football image
3) ... Wor Penny from the Toon, new walkway bridge image

4) ... Angel of the North image

First Floor Machine Designs: details
1) ... I've Been to Discovery Museum
2) ... Mauretania 1906, ship's image and name
4) ... Light Bulb image, Discovery Museum text

Manufacturers Images available here:

Retired Design: Newcastle's Millennium Bridge. Text: 'Geordie Euro. Discovery '.

Updated: David Miller,

June 3017 - both machines working well. WK

Machine 2 - First Floor

machine 3 - Second Floor

Retired 1