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St Andrews Aquarium Machine Locations > Scotland

The Scores
St Andrews, Scotland, KY16 9AS

Phone: 01334 474786


Nestled on St Andrews' dramatic north facing cliffs, with stunning views of the famous west sands and St Andrews Bay, St Andrews Aquarium boasts one of the finest coastal locations in the historic town.
Come face to face with some of the most beautiful, fascinating and dangerous creatures of the watery worlds. From Black Tip Reef Sharks to Spiders, Lobsters to Lionfish, Poison Dart Frogs to Piranhas, loveable Seals...... and not to forget our fabulous Meerkats.

There is now a new 4 die machine from the PennyPressFactory at the aquarium, it replaces the old single die electric.

Design details. Each penny has a solid ring border and St Andrews Aquarium in text
1) ...Seal
2) ...Shark
3) ...Meerkat
4) ...Logo

Location: In the entrance and on the right as you enter the aquarium.

Single die electric (Eurolink) machine is retired. Design was a fish swimming to the left. Text: 'St. Andrews Aquarium'.

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Machine 2

Retired 1