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Edinburgh Old Town Weaving Co. Machine Locations > Scotland

555 Castlehill , The Royal Mile
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 2ND

Phone: 0131 226 1555


Occupying the building that held the old Castlehill reservoir, this establishment is like an extensive complex of concessions where you can do everything from grab an ice-cream to snack in a conservatory café, have your picture taken in full Highland dress or simply buy a kilt. The weaving mill itself is run by Geoffrey (Tailor), a respected Highland outfitters. As well as being a working mill, this is a Victorian building bang in the heart of tourist country, and it can get pretty hot and busy in summer.

Machine 5 simular designs with the same names as the designs in retired 4
1) (V) William Wallace, William Wallace FREEDOM text ...
2) (V) Piper, Edinburgh Scotland text...
3) (V) Dog on a plynth, Grey Friars bobby text ...
4) (H) Edinburgh castle, Edinburgh Castle text

Retired 1 single design: 1) William Wallace Freedom.
Retired 2 single design: 1) Weaving loom.
Retired 3 single design: 1) 'Bonnie Scotland', Fancy Lion
Retired 4 (similar to Machine 5) 1) William Wallace, William Wallace FREEDOM text, 2) Piper, Edinburgh Scotland text, 3) Dog on a stand, Grey Friars bobby text, 4) Edinburgh castle, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland text

Details updated by A Tait

5/18 Machine 4 now retired.

10/15/18: Machine 5, unlike the machine in the gift shop of the Camera Obscura nearly next door and at the Falkirk Wheel, they are NOT shiny new pennies, but mucky ones! So you don't know just how your penny design will turn out, whether it will be very mucky or not that mucky! I asked at the Camera Obscura and the people in the gift shop told me that they had to clean the pennies themselves. HAF

Machine 5

Retired 4

Retired 1 - William Wallace

Retired 2 - Weaving Mill logo

Retired 3 - Bonnie Scotland