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Edinburgh Castle Machine Locations > Scotland

Castle Hill (Beginnig of Royal Mile)
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 2NG

Phone: +44 (0)131 225 9846


The five machines are inside the Royal Scots Museum. You have to pay into the Castle to get into the museum, but there is no additional charge to enter the museum. You can get cheaper castle tickets online in advance.
The Castle is up the main esplanade on the left (there's a white signpost but the staff are very helpful with directions as well if you get lost).The machine are to the right as you enter if you don't want to tour the museum.

Machine 1: Design is

Machine 2: Design is:

Machine 4 is a new 4 penny each penny costs £1. Each penny has a solid ring border and National War Museum Scotland in text. Designs are:
1) Greyfriars Bobby
2) Bag Pipes
3) Field gun from Museum entrance
4) Lion from Scottish Flag

Machine 5 in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards museum gift shop. The designs are:
1- Edinburgh Castle
2- Dragoon guard emblem
3- Bagpiper
4- Rampant Lion

Machine 6 is located in the corridor leading to the toilets at the entrance to the Castle. There are 4 designs and has a hopper in the machine with all the pennies inside.

Retired 3 Was a Two penny machine1) Image of Castle, 2) Dragoon Guards Logo.

If you visit the War museum or the National Museum on Chambers street you may meet Magda who is a fellow collector.

This machine is within easy walking distance (round trip 1 mile) to the National Museum of Scotland, Camera Obscura, Edinburgh Old Town Weaving, Edinburgh Dungeons, The Real Mary King's Close, and Museum on the Mound (Bank of Scotland) penny machines.

5/29/19: The machine by the bathrooms by the entrance is working great! And you do not have to pay admission to the castle to access it.

Machine 1

Machine 2

Machine 3

Machine 5

Machine 6

Retired 4 pennies