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National Railway Museum, Machine Locations > England

Leeman Road,
NORTH YORKSHIRE - York, England, YO26 4XJ,

Phone: 08448 153139


The Museum to a short walk from the York Railway Station. There are signs in the station directing you to it. there is also a road train available from the city centre. Entrance to the Museum is free.

There are now three machines from Pennymangle, these are located in the Main hall and the 'Station Hall'

Machine 1 has the original designs, but have been relocated in a frame machine. this is in the Main Hall, next to the Eurostar simulator, adjacent to the exit to the outdoor yard.
1) Stephenson’s Rocket 29mph 1829
2) Flying Scotsman 1928-1963 100mph
3) Mallard 1938 – 1963 126mph
4) Japanese Bullet Train 1976 – 2000 186mph

Machine 2 is located at the railings in front of the 13000 LMS Crab, one of the Royal trains. The machines is one of the older Pennymangle machines. Solid ring border and National Railway Museum in text.
1) Speed to the West, GWR Poster pic
2) 'Laddie', railway collecting dog, 1948
3) British Railways Logo
4) 1930s LNER railway poster which features either Daedalus or Icarus

Machine 3 (11/13): The third machine with the following designs is near the toilets at the entrance to the Station Hall
1) Deltic 1955 Diesel Locomotive
2) Trevethick's Coalbrookdale 1804 Steam Locomotive
3) British Railways Crest (different to machine 2)
4) Seal of the LNER Company.

There are also two National Token machines very close by. each token costs £2, they are 31mm in diameter. the text on the reverse says World's Greatest Railway Museum

Token machine 1 is a free-standing machine
1) London, Midland and Scottish Railway
2) London North Eastern Railway

Token machine 2 is wall mounted
1) Great Western Railway
2) The Southern Railway Company

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Machine 1 - Located at the entrance to the hall

Machine 2 - Located at the railings in front of the 13000 LMS Crab, one of the Royal trains

Machine 3 - Located in the Station Hall

Token machine 1 - a free-standing machine

Token Machine 2