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Frontierland - Western Theme Park Machine Locations > England

LANCASHIRE - Morecambe, England


The 4-die machine at Morecambe Frontierland, UK is still there and has not been moved to Ripleys in Blackpool.

October 27th 2006 - Frontierland closed sometime between 2000 and 2004. However, the facade which was once the main enterance still stands. The machine is located inside the Golden Nugat amusement arcade. The arcade is free to enter. Each penny costs 50p +1p.

I got my Frontierland pennies from the press when it was at Ripleys Blackpool in November 2004, but they were so off-centre that a member of staff had to drop some in manually after removing the top of the machine. After this it was shut down for the season, and to be readjusted. They must have then sent it back to Golden Nugget Morecambe, as the people who own Ripleys and the Nugget are the same. However a visit to Golden Nugget Morecambe on 28 March 2007 revealed the arcade has permanently shut down, about 3 months ago according to staff, although the adjacent bar is still open. However they did open up the arcade so I could get some pennies from the press, which they said was in a storeroom at the back. However when they looked for it it was gone! Meanwhile a subsequent visit to Ripleys at Blackpool on April 9th 2007 confirmed it hadnt returned there; but I was told it has been passed on to a company called Novelty Vending, which is based in Southport.