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ZSL Whipsnade Zoo Machine Locations > England

Dunstable Bedfordshire LU6 2LF
BUCKINGHAMSHIRE - Milton Keynes, England

Phone: 01582 872171


News as of April 16th 2014
The machines were permanently. removed early in 2014. No reasons given.
The machines have been removed from London Zoo as well, under the same ownership.

Whipsnade Zoo is located near Dunstable, Buckinghamshire. There were two Penny Press machines with their distinctive wooden cabinets.

Machine 1 was located just after the entrance on the right, outside the gift shop. Machine 2 was located near the steam train station, outside the Jumbo gift shop.

Machine 1 details (Entrance)
1) h. Rhino
2) h. Lion
3) h. Elephant
4) v. Giraffe head
All pennies have ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in text and a dotted border.

Machine 2 details (Gift Shop)
1) h. Sealion 2) h. Buffalo (though I stand to be corrected)
3) h. Ring Tailed Lemur
4) v. Giraffe head
All pennies have ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in text and a dotted border.

Each penny costs £1 each plus the penny. New pennies produce a better result.

Informatiionuploaded by David Miller,

Machine 2

Machine 3

Retired 1

Retired Machines