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Royal Fusiliers Regimental Museum Machine Locations > England

HM Tower of London (Tower Gateway or London Bridge tube stops)
LONDON - Tower Hill , England, EC3N 4AB

Phone: 0203 166 6912


The museum is inside the Tower of London, so you must pay admission to the Tower first. It's steep, but worth it -- you can spend a whole day at the Tower. There is also a nominal admission price to see the museum, but you can reach the penny machine without paying it if you ask. The museum can be quickly toured and the small fee is worth it.

The machine is just past the ticket window. The cost is one 50p coin and presses one 1p coin.

The machine rolled some of the coins a bit short but others came out just fine. Make sure you have your coins with you. I didn't ask at the desk for change but it seems my luck getting 50p coins in London was not too excellent. You cannot miss the machine when you walk in, it is straight back after you pay the person at the desk for admission.

May 6, 2014. This machine has been removed. The attendant didn't know what happened to it. MWHTH

Machine 1 - Retired???