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Tower Bridge Exhibition Machine Locations > England

Tower Bridge Exhibition upper walkway
LONDON - Tower Bridge, England, SE1 2UP

Phone: 020 7403 3761


This must-see London attraction invites you to step inside the most famous bridge in the world to explore its iconic structure, spectacular views and glass floor, modern exhibitions and magnificent Victorian Engine Rooms!

There are three 4 die machines from The Penny Press located on the Tower Bridge Exhibition tour. Number one will be on the East and machine number two on the West upper walkways in the Tower. Number three is in the engine room, which is the second part of the tour. This machine is a departure from the normal machines from The Penny Press.

East Machine
1) Bridge with 1894 in large type in the middle (Tower bridge, London in the dotted border)
2) Oblique view of the bridge (Tower bridge, London in the dotted border)
3) My Lucky Penny (Image of Bridge and Horseshoe)
4) London Monument (The London Monument in the border)

West Machine is on the West walkway, and are not engraved on the rear.
1) Bridge with roadway open (I've seen Tower bridge, Raised in the dotted border)
2) Oblique view of the bridge (Tower Bridge, Exhibition under image)
3) My Lucky Penny
4) I Love Tower Bridge London

Engine Room
1) Tower Bridge with ship going under
2) Engine room (Showing engine)
3) Engine Room (Showing engine and large wheel)
4) Tower Bridge

Feb 2016 Details Updated to refelect correct positions of machines and designs.

Machine 5 - East Machine

Machine 6 - West Machine

Machine 7 - Engine Room

Retired 2

Retired 3

Retired 4