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Sea Life London Aquarium Machine Locations > England

County Hall
LONDON - Westminster, England, SE1 7PB

Phone: 44 (0) 20 7967 8000


The Sea Life London Aquarium is located on the ground floor of County Hall on the South Bank of the River Thames in central London, near the London Eye. It opened in March 1997 as the London Aquarium and hosts about one million visitors each year. It is the largest aquarium in London.

Machine 4 is located at the Shark Walk. The designs used are -
1) Starfish
2) Sea Turtle
3) Ray
4) Jellyfish

Machine 5 is located just before the Ocean Tunnel. The designs used are -
1) Shark
2) Clown Fish
3) Sea Trout
4) Three Sea Horses

Machine 6 is located in the Conservation Area. The designs used are -
1) Mermaid
2) Fish
3) Shark
4) Star fish

Machine 7 is located at the Thames Story Exhibit. The designs used are -
1) Penguin
2) Three Sea horses
3) Ray
4) Shark

Collector's Tip. With all Pennymangle machines it is better for the Queen's head to be in contact with the die - the tail design could leave a slight witness. So put the head side facing left.

Token machine 1 designs 2017:
1) Penguin,
2) Shark.

Token machine 2 designs 2017:
1) Sea Turtle
2) Penguin.

David Miller

June 2016 - New locations updated - I.T. Hope. Token machine 1 designs: - Penguin - Shark. Token machine 2 designs: Sea Turtle, Penguin

Machine 4 - Shark Walk

Machine 5 - Ocean Tunnel

Machine 6 - Conservation Area

Machine 7 - Thames Story

Token Machine 1

Token Machine 2

Retired 3

Retired 1

Retired 2