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Mersey Ferries - Pier Head Machine Locations > England

Georges Parade
MERSEYSIDE - Liverpool, England, L3 1BY

Phone: 0151 639 0609


Ferries have featured on the River Mersey for over 800 of years. By the time Liverpool had been officially declared a town in 1207 ‘ferries’ were already an established sight. Today’s now world-famous ferry service is run by the Mersey Ferries team. As well as taking hundreds of thousands of people out on the Mersey each year we also operate a range of exciting and informative Liverpool attractions along the riverside as well as trips along the magnificent Manchester Ship Canal.

One machine is located in the gift shop, on the right as you enter the terminal.
The second machine is upstairs. Third machine is under the stairs.

All pennies cost £1 plus a penny to roll.

Machine 2 - Gift Shop
1) Liverpool building silhouette with City of Liverpool text
2) Ferry boat with FERRY ACROSS THE MERSEY
3) 4 Beatles images with Beatles Liverpool text
4) Liver bird image with LIVERPOOL in text underneath.

Machine 3 - Upstairs
1) Albert Dock Liverpool - The Beatles Story

Machine May NOT roll properly. Machine 4 - Downstairs
1) A Boat with MERSEY FERRY text

Machine 1 is Retired.

The wheel MUST be correctly aligned with any of the 4 dies, as it says on the machine mistakes will NOT be refunded. As it's a souvenir-penny 4-die machine, the wheel turns anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise) instead of the usual clockwise.

May 2017. Machine 4 out of order. WK

Machine 2 - Gift shop

Machine 4 - Downstairs

Retired 3

Retired 1