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The Flambards Experience (Was Flambards Theme Park) Machine Locations > England

Culdrose Manor
CORNWALL - Helston, England, TR13 0QA

Phone: 01326 573 404


The Flambards Experience is a family-owned amusement park on the southern outskirts of the town of Helston in Cornwall, United Kingdom.
Now named The Flambards Experience, the amusement park features a combination of live entertainment from children's celebrities such as The Simpsons, Peter Pan and Snoopy, as well as fairground rides and exhibitions. The Park's mascot is a fox named "Ferdi Flambard".

There are now 2 Penny Press machines located in the Exhibition centre. One just inside the entrance and the second just past the Concorde and Victorian VillageBlitz displays. Each design costs £1 plus the penny

Machine 2 designs are:
1) Concorde...
2) Flambards Logo...
3) Britain in the Blitz in graphic...
4) Flambards Shuttle in graphic...

Machine 3 designs are:
1) Really old Airplane...
2) Flambards Logo...
3) Toad of Toad Hall...
4) Flambards Hornet logo...

12/25/17: You should pay admission, I went before opening and was admitted by security.

Machine 2

Machine 3

Retired 1