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Cornish Seal Sanctuary (Was National Seal Sanctury or Gweek Seal Sanctuary) Machine Locations > England

Gweek, near Helston
CORNWALL - Gweek, England, TR12 6UG

Phone: 0871 423 2110


06/06/09: The Cornish Seal Sanctuary is set in the picturesque Helford Estuary, by the beautiful village of Gweek in Cornwall. We are a Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release centre for seals, and most seasons we rescue over 40 pups.

Name now is Cornish Seal Sanctuary. Name used to be National Seal Sanctury or Gweek Seal Sanctuary.

Machine 3 is located just after entering, sure you could probably ask to press but it's a lovely place to visit anyway.

The machine is now from Pennymangle. The designs are to a high standard, like all Pennymangle machines. Pennies now cost £1 each.

[Collector's Tip] As you can see from the scan, it is better to have the Queen's head against the die to stop the original design showing through.

D. Miller UKPennies

Machine 3

Retired 1 & 2