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Chester Zoo Machine Locations > England

CHESHIRE - Chester, England, CH2 1LH

Phone: 01244 380 280


Chester Zoo is the UK’s number one Zoo, with over 7000 animals and 400 different species, including some of the most exotic and endangered species on the planet.
The 110-acre Zoo opens at 10am every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day when the Zoo is closed. Last entry and closing times vary with the seasons. Car parking is free.

Zoo Map at bottom.

There are 10 Penny Press Machines. Each penny costs £1 + 1 penny. The horizontal designs have Chester Zoo in the border and the verticals designs have Chester Zoo under the designs, all have a simple dotted border.

The Penny Press have produced a collecting book for the zoo's pennies, which contain one of two pennies, it can be obtained from the Ark Gift shop, along with a list of all the zoos machines.

Machine 6 Entrance Gate/Barrier
The designs are: 1) Giraffe's head, 2) Elephants head, 3) Monkey, 4) My Lucky Penny

Machine 8 Flamingo Enclosure
The designs are: 1) Penguin, 2) Flamingo, 3) Two Flamingos, 4) Ape

Machine 9 Cheetah Walkway
The designs are: 1) Cheetah Head, 2) Camel, 3) 2 Meerkats, 4) Warthog

Machine 10 Dragons In Danger
The designs are: 1) Parrot, 2) Komodo Dragon, 3) Oriole, 4) Komodo Dragon Head

Machine 11 Monkey House
The designs are: 1) Spider Monkey, 2) Chimp, 3) Macaques, 4) Mandrill

Machine 12 Lions
The designs are: 1) Penguin, 2) Zebra, 3) Bat, 4) Lion

Machine 13 Tropical Realm
The designs are: 1) Snake, 2) Tortoise, 3) Frog, 4) Crocodile

Machine 14 Realm of the Red Ape
The designs are: 1) Orangutan, 2) Tiger, 3) Saola, 4) Pond Turtle

Machine 15 Islands (All have ISLANDS CHESTER ZOO text)
The designs are 1) Alligator, 2) Cassowary, 3) Orangutan, 4) Tiger

Machine 16 Jaguar Enclosure
The designs are: 1) Ant, 2) Sloth - Sitting, 3) Sloth - Hanging, 4) Jaguar Cub

Penny Book Designs
The designs are 1) Butterfly, 2) Dinosaur Head

Retired Designs:

Retired 1: Seasonal designs were: 1) Father Christmas, 2) Reindeer, 3) Christmas Tree, 4) Snowman

Retired 2: EAZA Ape Campaign designs were: 1) Chimp Head, 2) Gorilla, 3) Monkey, 4) Ape

Retired 3: Tigers designs were: 1) Tiger Head, 2) Lioness, 3) Lion, 4) Lion Head

Retired 4: Ark Shop designs were: 1) Ape, 2) Giraffe, 3) Rhino, 4) My Lucky Penny

Retired 5: Fountain Shop designs were: 1) Spider, 2) Butterfly, 3) Ladybug, 4) Scorpion

Retired 7: Ant, Frog, Cheetah, Jaguar

Machine Updates with New Island Machine and various retirements and alterations. Nov 11th 2015 - I.T. Hope and David Miller

New Jaguar House Machine Updates. May 10th 2016 - I.T. Hope with many thanks to Kenny Worrall.

Machine 6 - Entrance Gate

Machine 16 - Jaguar House

Machine 8 - Flamingo Enclosure

Machine 9 - Cheetah Walkway

Machine 10 - Dragons In Danger

Machine 11 - Monkey House

Machine 12 - Lions

Machine 13 Tropical Realm

Machine 14 - Realm of the Red Ape

Machine 15 - Islands

Retired 1

Retired 2

Retired 3

Retired 4

Retired 5

Retired 7