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At-Bristol Machine Locations > England

AVON - Bristol, England, BS1 5DB

Phone: 0845 345 1235


2/14/18: Gone (????).

INFORMATION: At-Bristol is a unique destination bringing science, nature and art to life. A place of discovery and surprise, home to three magical attractions; Explore At-Bristol, Wildwalk At-Bristol and IMAX Theatre At-Bristol.

The machine is located in the entrance to Explore, just follow the signs for @Bristol from the centre. You can't miss machine as you go in, on your right. Designs are:
1) 'Clifton Suspension Bridge Bristol',
2) 'The great Bear @ Bristol',
3) 'I (Heart) Explore @ Bristol', Balloon,
4) 'I (Heart) Explore @ Bristol', Robot,

Retired 1: 1) 'Explore @ Bristol', Space station, 2) 'Explore @ Bristol', Tornado, 3) 'Willewalk @ Bristol', Frog on a branch, 4) 'Willewalk @ Bristol' Seahorse

11/01/17: ADMISSION FEE: No need to pay to go in to get the pennies

Machine 2

Retired 1