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Bressingham Steam and Gardens Machine Locations > England

Low Road
NORFOLK - Bressingham, England, IP22 2AA

Phone: 01379 686900


Bressingham Steam & Gardens is a steam museum and gardens located at Bressingham (adjacent to a Wyevale garden centre), west of Diss in Norfolk, England. The site has several narrow gauge rail lines and a number of types of steam engines and vehicles in its collection and is also the home of the national Dad's Army exhibition.

The gardens were established by Alan Bloom MBE at Bressingham Hall. He moved to Bressingham in 1946, after selling his previous 36-acre site at Oakington in Cambridgeshire to raise the capital for the 220 acres in Norfolk, where he hoped to be both a farmer and a nurseryman. He was a plant expert of international renown, particularly in the field of hardy perennials. He laid out the Dell garden with its well-known island beds. His son, Adrian Bloom, laid out the Foggy Bottom garden.

There is a single die Penny Press machine at this location. 1) Dotted Border, 'Bressingham Steam & Garden' - Steam Engine.

June 2016 - Machine working well with helpful friendly staff - I.T. Hope.

Machine 1