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Seaquarium Machine Locations > England

Marine Parade
SOMERSET - Weston Super Mare, England, BS23 1BE

Phone: 01934 613361


At SeaQuarium you can experience aquatic life from several regions of the world including the Amazon, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and from our own shores around Britain.
During your visit to SeaQuarium you can come face to face with the most venomous fish in the oceans, the Stonefish, see our huge Moray eels, have up close encounters with the weird but wonderful Pufferfish, witness the bright colors and varieties in our coral tank, watch as the Piranhas devour their food and see our British Lobster lurking in the dark corners of its exhibit.

The machine is located in the gift shop in the entrance of the aquarium. The machine takes one 50pence coin and a penny.

This is a One Prenny Press machine. Design:
1) Shark swimming to the right.. "Seaquarium" "Weston Super Mare"

A new Scotron 4-die machine is now located here, designs all have 'Seaquarium, Weston Super Mare' on them - designs are:
1) Shark.
2) Clown Fish.
3) Seahorse.
4) Lion Fish.

Still working May/22/17

Machine 1

Machine 2