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Seaquarium Rhyl Machine Locations > Wales

East Parade
NORTH WALES - Rhyl, Wales, LL18 3AF

Phone: 01745 344660


SeaQuarium Rhyl has an open seafront location and sits on the beautiful North Wales coastline. Featuring species from around the world on show in 9 different zones, plus an amazing outdoor Sea Lion Cove where you can meet the delightful harbour seals. This state-of-the-art exhibit gives you a fantastic underwater view of the seals in their 33,000 gallon pool.

Machine 1 - Shark Tunnel (Inside Attraction) Single die £1 to roll.
1) Shark with text 'Seaquarium Rhyl.' Dotted border.

Machine 2 - Gift Shop. Four Die Machine £1 per roll
1) Shark with text 'Seaquarium Rhyl.' Dotted border.
2) Clown Fish with text 'Seaquarium Rhyl.' Dotted border.
3) Sea Lion with text 'Seaquarium Rhyl.' Dotted border.
4) Lion Fish with text 'Seaquarium Rhyl.' Dotted border.

Retired Machine.
1) Seaquarium Logo.
2) I love Wales.
3) I've been to Rhyl.

3/14/17 - both machines active.

Machine 2 - Shark Tunnel

Machine 3 - Gift Shop

Retired 1