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Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Machine Locations > Scotland

Argyle Street
Glasgow, Scotland, G3 8AG

Phone: 00441412769599


One machine is at the entrance to the main shop on the ground floor, another in the basement - there is a temporaty exibitions gallery and another shop - machine is just outside that shop. Four designes in each machine.

Machine 1 (GFL) designs:
1) Elephant
2) Plane,
3) Kelvingrove Building
4) My Lucky Penny (with thistle not clover - (this design can be found in many of the Scottish locations like the Lucky Penny with the clover and horseshoe is found in many English locations, it seems to be a standard option offered by the manufacturer).

Machine 2 (Basement) designs:
1) Pharoah
2) Knight
3) Kelvingrove building
4) Rennie Mackintosh Rose .

Machine 3 - Temporary location from The Burrell Collection (During it's Refirbishment)
Designs: Each with 'The Burrell Collection' a dotted border and cost a £1.
1) Thinking Man,
2) Vase or urn,
3) Generic Sottish MLP,
3) Budha

June 2017 - both machines working well. WK

Machne 1 - GFL - entrance

Machine 2 - Lower Ground Floor

Machine 3 - Temporary location from The Burrell Collection