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The Tank Museum Machine Locations > England

Bovington, Dorset
DORSET - Bovington, England, BH20 6JG

Phone: 01929 405096


The tank museum reopened in 2009 after a major refit. Located in Bovington, Dorset, it displays the worlds largest collection of tanks and armored fighting vehicles.

There is now a second machine from The Penny Press . This can be found in a hidden spot behind the cash desks, the original machine is in the exhibit.

The Penny Press is located in the gift shop to the left of the entrance.

Machine details:

Machine 1: Pennies cost £1 plus the penny.
1) Tank facing left. Text, THE TANK MUSEUM, BOVINGTON within the dotted border
2) Tank facing right. text, THE TANK MUSEUM, BOVINGTON within the dotted border
3) Tank cresting a hill, Text, THE TANK MUSEUM. Dotted border
4) My Lucky Penny.

Machine 2: These machines roll well, but the designs are a little faint. Pennies cost £1 plus the penny.
1) Tank.
2) Troup carrier.
3) Bridge Builder.
4) The Royal Tank Regiment Memorial Statue (outside the museum)

[Collector's Tip] Monkey World is only one mile away.

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Machine 1

Machine 2