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Butlins Machine Locations > England

Butlins Resort
WEST SUSSEX - Bognor Regis, England, PO21 1JJ

Phone: 01442 203584

7/24/25: Machine gone.

Butlin's Bognor is located on the Esplanade (shore road), slightly north of the town centre. It has a very distinctive tent like structure. Under which the machines are housed.

There are two new Penny Souvenir machines in place now. (2009) Both are from, based in Scotland. Standard design, similar to a Pennymangle. The machinery in these do seem noisier, but the 5 design set up mean you can roll the 5 pennies continuously.
The same machines are in Butlin's Skegness, most of the designs are repeated between venues. Some of the design choices seem strange

All pennies have a dotted border and cost £1 to roll
Machine 2 details, located outside Bar Rosso, adjacent to a bright yellow candy floss machine:
1> v. Billy Bear
2> v. I love Bognor Butlin's
3> h. Img of Volkswagen
4> h. I Love Dinosaurs and image 5> h. Tower Bridge and Tower Bridge image.

Machine 3 details, located opposite the Roller Derby game stall:
1> v. World's Best Mum and flowers
2> v. I Love Motor Bikes and image of bike
3> v. I Love Bognor Butlin's
4> v. Billy Bear
5> v. Football Fanatic 'Loud and Proud'

[Collector's Tip] Unless you stop on site you should pay for a day visitor pass, I managed to walk in with a group already stopping there.

Updated: David Miller

Machine 2

Machine 3

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