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Blackpool Zoo Machine Locations > England

East Park Drive
LANCASHIRE - Blackpool, England, FY3 8PP

Phone: 01253 830830


The Zoo is located inland about 3 miles or so away from the seafront (where most of the other EC sites are). Four electric machines and a 4 die hand cranked machine are located here, 1 at the entrance to the shop and 4 inside Zoo itself. The most recent addition is the machine in the Giraffe house, The Children's Farm machine has been removed.

All pennies now cost £1.

Machine 1: Elephant House, to the left of the entrance door. Design: Elephant. Text: 'Blackpool Zoo' (the word ''zoo'' is sunken into the elephant). This is a new machine with the same design.
Design is 1) 'Blackpool Zoo', Elephant

Machine 2: Orangutan Outlook. The single design is a Gorilla. Text; also 'Blackpool Zoo' (all lettering raised around edge of EC).
Design is 1) 'Blackpool Zoo', Gorilla face.

Machine 3: Big Cat House and has a Lion design. Text: 'Blackpool Zoo' This is a new machine with the same design.
Design is 1) 'Blackpool Zoo', Lkion Head.

Machine 5: The newest machine is a MK1V machine from the PennyPressFactory It has the noisy non return paddle, it makes rolling a few sets very noticeable. It is in the Entrance Corridor. Each penny has a solid ring border, Blackpool Zoo in text and the zoo logo.
Designs are; 1) Hanging Ape, 2) Penguin, 3) Giraffe Head, 4) Seal.

Machine 6: Wolf Ridge. It is one of the acrylic body single die electric machines.

Retired Machines/ Designs:

Retired 4: 1) 'Blackpool Zoo Childres'n Farm', Logo.

If you have a problem with the machines see the Children's Playbarn staff, they did have a few pennies already rolled.

2/12/19: No machine in elephant house or giraffe house. Retired machine in children’s farm has 100% gone too

Machine 1 -

Machine 2 - Orangutan Outlook

Machine 3 - Big Cat House

Machine 5 - Entrance Area

Machine 6 - Wolf Ridge

Retired 4