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Southwick Zoo Machine Locations > Massachusetts

2 Southwick Street
Mendon, MA , 01756

Phone: 800-258-9182


Southwick's Zoo is New England's largest Zoo! We've just celebrated our 50th birthday! Located in Mendon, MA, we're the ideal location for a family fun outing.

Machines cost $1.01 instead of $.51 per design, includes donation to zoo causes.

Machine 2:
1) Lion
2) Tiger
3) Orangutan
4) Kangaroo

Machine 3:
1) Alligator
2) Deer
3) Giraffe
4) Turtle

Retired 1: 1) 'Earth", 2) Giraffe, 3) Tiger

Machines still in the same places. Machine 2 still rolling long. Machine 3 is still at the gift shop and it is still rolling short but overcame this by aligning red dots differently. Positioned penny dot about a finger length before the machine dot and penny dot were aligned. (11:30 instead of noon). This seemed to work enough to get reasonable pennies.

Machine 2 - Earth Discovery building

Machine 3 - right inside the doorway to the entrance

Retired 1