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Elsecar Heritage Centre Machine Locations > England

Wath Road, Elsecar
SOUTH YORKSHIRE - Barnsley, England, S74 8HJ

Phone: 01226 740203


Elsecar Heritage Centre is a living history centre in Elsecar, Barnsley, England. It has its own Elsecar goods station (called Rockingham Station) on the Elsecar Steam Railway, with a running shed behind the main centre. During some special events, trips are run to Hemingfield Basin. There are plans to extend the line to Cortonwood and build two stations (one at Cortonwood and the other at Hemingfield). The railway's depot is home to a selection of steam locomotives as well as a diesel locomotive.
It comprises shops, galleries, art studios and an exhibition hall. It runs craft workshops, special events, and a monthly antiques fair.
Elsecar Heritage Centre hosts the 16mm Garden Railway Show every year which is organised by the Yorkshire Group of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers Ltd.

Outside the Gift Shop is a Pennymen Europe 4-die machine. Designs are -

1) Train Wheels.
2) Machine Gears.
3) Traction Engine.
4) Newcomen Engine Colliery.

July 31st 2018 - Details uploaded I.T. Hope.

Gift Shop building

Machine 1