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Queens View Visitor Centre Machine Locations > Scotland

Pitlochry, Scotland, PH16 5NR

Phone: 01796 474188


Queen's View lies at the heart of Highland Perthshire, and it's the area's most popular visitor attraction. Just one look is enough to tell you why.
When Queen Victoria visited in 1866, she assumed that the sweeping view west along Loch Tummel was named after her – but she was wrong. We think the view was really named after Isabella, the first wife of Robert the Bruce, who lived more than 500 years earlier.
Today, you too can enjoy views fit for a queen – along with a nice cup of tea at the café. Pick out some gifts at the well-stocked shop and relax before exploring the nearby forests.

They all have 'Queens View Pitlochry' on them. Designs are:
1- Landscape
2- Bagpiper
3- Squirrel
4- Queen Victoria with man behind holding an umbrella

July 2018 A new machine has been placed here which has 4 dies. The machine has a hopper which provides the pennies, so each coin will cost just £1

machine details updated 26/07/2018 by A Tait

Machine 1