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Greenwood Family Park Machine Locations > Wales

Bush Rd, Y Felinheli
NORTH WALES - Gwynedd , Wales, LL56 4QN


Greenwood Family Park first opened its doors to the public on 24th May 1993 and during this time has grown considerably into the attraction it is today.

Since GreenWood opened in 1993, being environmentally friendly has always been their mission. Every year, they make consistent efforts to minimise the negative effects on the environment and maximise the positive. Their famous GreenDragon Rollercoaster is the world’s only people powered rollercoaster. It uses traditional slate quarry technology (a funicular railway) to make use of the weight of the passengers to lift the empty cars from the bottom to the top of the hill where the loading platform is. Over a year of operation, the ride should actually generate more power than it uses.

The machine is from ThePennyPress, each penny costs £1 and a penny.

1) ... 'Wales Cymru', Fancy Dragon,
2) ... 'Breen Wood', Heart,
3) ... 'Solar Splash', Snake,
4) … 'Green Dragon',

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Machine 1