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Saltburn Pier Machine Locations > England

Lower Promenade, Saltburn
TEESIDE - Saltburn By The Sea, England, TS12 1HQ


The Pier Amusement Arcade is accessible via the Cliff Railway. Opened in 1884 to replace an earlier vertical hoist the tramway is probably the oldest of its type still operating. The two cars, each fitted with a 1000 gallon water tank, run on parallel tracks. The car at the top of the 71% incline has it’s tank filled with water until it overbalances the weight of the car 120ft below and gently descends while the lower car ascends. When the car reaches the bottom its water is re-pumped to the top and the process begins all over again. The cars are controlled by a brakeman at the top. The 10-12 seater cars were rebuilt to the original Victorian design for the Saltburn 150 celebrations in 2011.

At the entrance to the Amusement Arcade there is a hand operated Eurolink machine. The attendants office will give you a clean new penny to use.

3 designs, all with a border and the text "Saltburn-by-the-Sea" at the top.

1: Picture of the pier.
2: Picture of the cliff lift
3: Extra text "1869" plus picture of pier from that period.

May 2018 - Photos uploaded I.T. Hope.

Amusement Arcade