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Bubba Gump Machine Locations > England

13 Coventry Street
LONDON - Piccadilly, England, W1D 7AB

Phone: 0203 7635 288


You’ll find Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant and market in the historic ‘Trocadero’ building, just a few minutes’ walk from Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square.
The restaurant is a tribute to the film ‘Forrest Gump’ and features a menu of comfort food from the American South that reflects the film’s setting in Alabama. Shrimp is of course the specialty (that’s prawns to us across the pond!) but there’s something to delight everyone on the menu including all American burgers, crisp salads and indulgent desserts.

Designs are:
1) 'Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, London', Forrest sitting on a bench, Double Decker bus on left,
2) 'Cause I was a Gazillionaire, I Cut that Grass for Free, London', Forrest on a riding lawnmower, London skyline in background
3) 'Run Forrest Run, London', Forrest running , London Eye on top,
4) 'London', Forrest and Son fishing, Tower Bridge in background.

9/2618 - Machine speed tolling well. MLP