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Red Funnel Ferries Southampton - Isle of Wight Machine Locations > England

Terminal 1 Dock Gate 7 off Town Quay Road
HAMPSHIRE - Southampton, England, SO14 2AL

Phone: 02380 019192


The origins of Red Funnel date back to 1820, when the Isle of Wight Royal Mail Steam Packet Company was established by Cowes interests to operate the first steamer service from there to Southampton. In 1826, the Isle of Wight Steam Packet Company was formed in Southampton, and by the following year the two companies had started co-ordinating their operations. In 1860, the Southampton, Isle of Wight & Portsmouth Improved Steamboat Company was created to compete with the two established operators, and the threat posed caused the two older companies to merge. They subsequently acquired the assets of the Improved Steamboat Company in 1865. [wikipedia]

There are 3 machines located on deck B of the 3 vehicle ferries in the fleet; the Red Eagle, Red Falcon and Red Osprey. Installed July 2017.

Red Eagle
1) Red Eagle Ferry
2) Isle of Wight Map
3) Isle of Wight Lighthouse
4) Iguanodon Dinosaur

Red Falcon
1) Red Falcon Ferry
2) Godshill Village Scene
3) Ted Funnel Mascot
4) Polacanthus Dinosaur

Red Osprey
1) Red Osprey Ferry
2) Osbourne House
3) Carisbrooke Castle
4) Hypsilophodon Dinosaur

Machine details uploaded by David Miller - ,Andy Tait - and Ian Hope

6/30/18: ????

Red Eagle Ferry

Red Falcon Ferry

Red Osprey Ferry