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Thinktank at Millennium Point, Birmingham Science Museum Machine Locations > England

Curzon Street
WEST MIDLANDS - Birmingham, England, B4 7XG

Phone: 0121 202 2222


Where can you explore deepest space, find out how doctors perform life-saving surgery and travel back in time to Birmingham’s amazing industrial past, all under one roof? Thinktank, From steam engines to intestines, Thinktank has over 200 hands-on displays on science and technology from the past, present and future. This includes the state-of-the-art Planetarium, where you can tour the night sky and fly through the galaxy without stepping a foot outside! Thinktank also offers a huge programme of educational activities for children and families including workshops, classes, laboratory sessions and interactive science shows.

The machine is situated at the Entrance Desk.

Machine 4: (2018) all now have dotted borders. Designs are:
1) Thought cloud,
2) Spitfire,
3) Crocodile skull,
4) Locomotive.

Retired machines:
Retired 1: 1) "I am Powerful", 2) "My Lucky Penny", 3) "I Love You", 4) "Tyranosaurus Rex".
Retired 2: 1) Planetarium, 2) A Spaceman, 3) Locomotive with "Science Museum" written above it, 4) My Lucky Penny.
Retired 3: 1) "Thinktank" Logo, 2) Steam Train with words "City of Birmingham Locomotive", 3) Clock with words "Science Garden", 4) "Planetarium" logo

7/26/18: A new Machine 4 has been placed in Thinktank to replace Machine 3. There are 4 designs again but they have changed and all now have dotted borders.

8/26/18: ????

Entrance Desk

Retired 2

Retired 1

Retired 3