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Zoo New England (Was Franklin Park Zoo) Machine Locations > Massachusetts

One Franklin Park Road
Boston (Dorchester), MA , 02121

Phone: 617-541-LION


The machine is near main gift shop by the children's playground.
1) Kangaroo.
2) Lion,
3) Zebra,
4) Tiger. All say "Franklin Park Zoo."

You dont have to pay Zoorassic entrance fee to get medallion.

Pennycollector Medallion machine is at the giftshop at the Zoorassic Park entrance. Costs $1.00. Design is:
1) Tyrannosaurus Rex

Retired 1 Pennycollector Machine:
Designs were: 1) Gorilla, 2) Peacock, 3) T-Rex and 4) Velociraptor, All say "Franklin Park Zoo."

Retired Eurolink machines;
Retired 2 designs- 1) Rooster; 2) Zebra; and 3) Horse. All say "Franklin Park Zoo."
Retired 3 designs- 1) Lion; 2) Gorilla; and 3) Owl. All say "Franklin Park Zoo."

6/22/16: Penny machine working. Machine for medallion was in the "Tropical Forest" buildin, -did not try this machine

Machine 4 located near main gift shop by the children's playground.

Madallion Machine

Retired 1 - PC Machine

Retired 2 and 3 - Eurolink Machines