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Battleship Cove, USS Massachusetts Machine Locations > Massachusetts

5 Water Street (PO Box 111)
Fall River , MA , 02722

Phone: (508) 678-1100


A 4-die handcrank machine was placed 06/28/04, replacing two older machines. The newer machine located in the gift shop entering/ leaving. The pennies do not require admission to battleship cove to purchase. This is new as they use to be in the snack bar on the ship.

Machine 3 designs are now $1.01 to roll. All have 'Battleship Cove Fall River, MA' on them. Designs are:
1) 'USS Joseph P. Kennedy DD 850',
2) 'USS Massachusetts'
3) 'USS Lionfish', Submarine.
4) PT Boat.

7/1/18 Machine has been moved to the Wood Room on board the ship. Admission is required.

Machine 3

Retired 1 & 2