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National Botanic Gardens Machine Locations > Ireland

Botanic Avenue
County Dublin -Glencullen, Ireland

Phone: 0035-0876378399

The National Botanic Gardens are located in Glasnevin, 5 km north-west of Dublin city centre. They are situated between Prospect Cemetery and the River Tolka where it forms part of that river's floodplain.
The gardens were founded in 1795 by the Dublin Society (later the Royal Dublin Society) and they have grown to hold 20,000 living plants and many millions of dried plant specimens. There are several architecturally notable greenhouses.
Today the Glasnevin site is the headquarters of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland which has a satellite garden at Kilmcurragh in county Wicklow.
The Gardens are Ireland's seventh most visited attraction, and the second most visited free attraction.

Designs are:
1) National Botanic Gardens of Ireland',
2) 'Nepenthes Rajah', flower,
3) '?What is Life?', Spiral staircase,
4) 'Viking House',

4/09/17: A Pennyman 4 design Hand Crank machine was installed here. .

Machine 1