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Tower Of London Shop Machine Locations > England

Tower Hill
LONDON - Tower Hill, England, EC3N 4AB

Phone: 0844 482 7777


There is a new style Pennymangle machine located on the first floor of the Tower of London gift shop. This is situated opposite the main gate/ Entrance to the Tower, no fee is needed to access the machine.

Machine 1 Designs, All pennies cost £1. All have a single ring border and text, Tower of London.
1) William the Conquerer.
2) Ravenmaster.
3) The White Tower.
4) Royal Guardsman.

[ Collector's tip ] With all Pennymangle machines, you should try and roll with the Queen's head to the design side, some trace of the 'tails' could show in the pennies with a 3D design if not.

Machine details uploaded by David Miller, Reference 51°30'29.7"N 0°04'31.0"W OCT 2017 - Machine rolling well. MLP

Machine 1