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National Media Museum Machine Locations > England

Little Horton Lane
WEST YORKSHIRE - Bradford , England, BD1 1NQ

Phone: 0844 856 3797


The National Media Museum (formerly the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television) is part of the national Science Museum Group. The museum has seven floors of galleries with permanent exhibitions focusing on photography, television, animation, videogaming, the internet and the scientific principles behind light and colour. It also hosts temporary exhibitions and maintains a collection of 3.5 million pieces in its research facility. The venue also has three cinemas, including an IMAX screen and hosts two film festivals each year, including the Bradford International Film Festival.

Two new machines were added here in September 2015. These are from Pennymangle, replacing two GEM machines from PennyPressFactory. They are located on the ground floor, near the Pictureville Cinema entrance and on the 5th floor in the games room.
Each penny costs £1.

IMAX Cinema Entrance - Ground Floor
1) Contaflex Camera, 1935
2) Bairds Television apparatus, 1926
3) Giroux's Daguerreotype 1, 1889
4) Ampex AVR 1 Video Recorder, 1970

Games Lounge - Level 5
1) Space Invaders, 1978
2) Stookie Bill (John Logie Baird Test subject)
3) Baird Model B Televisor, 1929
4) Pacman, 1978

Retired Machines

Retired 1 Design: The design is simple, bearing the words 'NATIONAL MEDIA MUSEUM'.
Retired 2 Design: Museum's logo (a series of squares joining together). Text: 'National Museum of Photography Film & Television'.

Retired Machine 3: 1) National Media Museum, 2) Baird Television, 3) Stookie Bill (John Logie Baird Test subject), 4) Ampex AVR 1 Video Recorder

Retired Machine 4: 1) National Media Museum, 2) Giroux Camera, 3) Bairds Television apparatus, 4) Electronic TV camera img

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Dec 2015 Both new Pennymangle machines have been fitted with Perspex guards to their wheels and are back on stage.... great news!. - I.T. Hope

6/03/18: ????

Machine 5 - IMAX Cinema Entrance - Ground Floor

Machine 6 - Games Lounge - Level 5

Retired 1 & 2

Retired 3

Retired 4